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Hi and thanks for the question. Here are some helpful hints to prevent skin from drying out in the winter months.

1. Drink lots of water...hydrating from the inside out is a good idea.

2. Place humidifiers in a few places throughout the house, especially sleep quarters. 

3. Don't forget sun screen, just because it's winter is no excuse to skip sunscreen. The sun can still dry and damage our skin.

4. Spring and summer moisturizers don't always do the trick in the winter. I like to switch to a heavier night cream in the winter. Oil of Olay has some that work great. You may need to experiment all moisturizers do not work the same for everyone.

5. Protect lips by applying chap stick a few times a day. I like EOS, Bert Bees, or Korres.

6. Lastly, don't forget hands and feet. I like to use a body butter in the winter months instead of lotion. It's just a little thicker and seems to keep hands and feet more moisturized longer. Bath and Body works has some great products, and I also like Korres Body Butter. 

I hope these simple suggestions help! 



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  • Mary Albert (Monday, September 17 12 04:53 pm EDT)

    Darlia,I met you at Anthony's grad. open house. I am Melissa's Aunt. I just wanted to tell you that the pic on your facebook page, I am assuming with your daughters, is absolutely gorgeous of you.
    Just wanted you to know. Mary Albert

  • redtori1 (Sunday, December 11 11 09:10 am EST)

    During the winter I have a problem keeping moisture in my face and lips. What would you reccomend?